My Sunday…


I’m posting this quickly before I head off to work for the afternoon, I’m really lucky to start work so late I know!

Early breakfast at mum and dad’s, banana porridge is good anytime of day right?? Then I got picked up by my friend Ali in his bright green car!

Not before having a second breakfast of leftover blackberry & frangipane tart. Nothing says mum and dad’s like cake at breakfast time. I once ate a whole trifle for breakfast on New Year’s day, I was young and it was full of sugar and alcohol, I don’t think I’ve ever been so hyper!

My friend Ali works for London Duck Tours so we went to try it out. You drive around Westminster taking in all the sites: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Ritz, Nelson’s Column, 10 Downing Street, The Wellington Arch and St James’ Palace before being launched into the river Thames (very fun, but you might get splashed a little at the back!). Then you see more sights from the water: The Houses of Parliament, Lambeth Palace, Tate Britain, St Thomas’ Hospital (where my nephew was born!) and MI6. The tour guide was pretty funny (excluding all the terrible jokes) and definitely very knowledgeable.

I admit it I’m probably quite bias because of my friend, but the tour was good and the experience of seeing half on land and half on the water was pretty unique. I definitely recommend it.

A very sad looking fox outside of the Hayward Gallery. Probably because it had lots of pigeons roosting under his tummy.

Some tofu skins from a chinese supermarket.

The Fela musical! This was amazing!!! And yes it does deserve all the exclamation marks. It’s only running until next Sunday at Sadler’s Wells so if you want to go and see it you need to be quick. It was totally brilliant, lots of singing, dancing and impressive bum wiggling. Gary loves Fela Kuti and seeing as our anniversary is next weekend we decided to go and see it. From my point of view it was nice to finally understand some of the political background to the songs and learn more about the man and his music. Obviously if you have an interest in African (specifically Nigerian) politics you would love this, if you don’t I think you would still have an amazing time with all the colour and presence of the dancers. It was probably the best thing I’ve seen this year.

We got our tickets from so you can even go for a discounted price!

All in all a perfect Sunday!

Elise x

Butterfly house @ the Natural History Museum

Hello, how are you today?

I’m good, I’ve been baking cupcakes this morning for Gary because he’s going away on holiday next week (boo!) so they’re going with him! Hopefully they’ll turn out OK but I did overcook them a little, whoops.

It was Gary’s birthday a little while ago and for his present Mic got him entry to two exhibits at the Natural History Museum. We’re slightly obsessed with the place and go at least every 6 months. Normally we don’t do the extra exhibits though because they can be a little expensive. The first exhibit was Age of the Dinosaur and it was pretty awesome. It had lots of animatronic dinosaurs (which were freaking out a lot of kids!) and real fossils of exciting specimens like the first dinosaur to have feathers. Well worth a look.

Mine and Gary’s favourite though was the butterfly house. It’s only a temporary exhibition open until the 11th September but it is brilliant! The actual space is pretty small, I guess around the size of a 25m swimming pool but the path loops round and there’s 5 zones teaching you about the sensory aspects of butterflies.

And you get to take awesome photo’s like these….

Gary made lots of friends….

This one was especially friendly…

Understandably Gary was a little freaked out by a butterfly drinking his sweat!! Look at who I made friends with….

Yep that’s right, a minute fly, the butterflies wouldn’t come anywhere near me :(

Maybe next time…

Elise x

P.S. The main cafe in the natural history museum has soy milk!

The Bonnington Cafe

Hello, how are you today?

I’m back to work, busy Saturday shift at the cafe, but I get to work with Amy so I’m happy. As I mentioned yesterday we went to Hyde Park to see Arcade Fire, seeing as the gates opened at 2.30pm we figured we’d get up to London early and get some food before hand. Gary’s sister had recommended a place called the Bonnington Cafe so we decided to check it out.

Turns out it’s a collective cafe (it originally started up as a squat cafe) with a different vegetarian cook every day, there’s always a vegan option and some days (like yesterday!) the menu is all vegan. I forgot to take a photo of the outside (so I took a screen shot from their website), and my photo of the menu corrupted but there is some good food porn coming up! To book a table you have to check out who is cooking that day on their website and call their mobile or email them personally.

Everyday there is a 3 course meal with usually 1 or 2 options, so while the variety isn’t huge it’s understandable as the food can’t really be carried over to the next day because there’s a new cook. The main courses yesterday were a brazilian palm heart pie and a brazilian bean stew. I went for the pie and I think the crust wins no.1 vegan pie crust I’ve ever eaten.

It was really delicious! The salads were pretty awesome too, the green salad was dressed with lemony oil and the pink one is beetroot, carrot and red cabbage. Honestly divine. I’d never eaten palm heart before, and I’m not sure I could really distinguish its flavour but the pie gets a big thumbs up from me!

Gary’s brother had the stew which he said was good, which is high praise indeed. Though I’m pretty sure he wished there had been meat on the plate I think he enjoyed it. I wish mine had come with some rice like the above, the pie was super amazing but without some carbs I was still pretty hungry.

The pudding choices were a pear and amaretto cheesecake or an apple (?) crumble. Both tasted great but I preferred the crumble (unfortunately not the one I chose!), the topping was crunchy and had some bits where it’d turned to chewy oaty toffee, just the way I like it! The cheesecake tasted good but I wasn’t 100% keen on the texture. It was pretty obvious that it was made with tofu, while I think tofu makes great puddings I don’t really want reminding that it’s what I’m eating. I think it would have been much better if they’d used silken tofu.

All in all I think the Bonnington cafe has a brilliant bohemian feel, great food and very reasonable prices. So a huge thank you Raffaele for a wonderful lunch. Now go ring a stranger, book a table and eat wonderful food.

Elise x

Arcade Fire @ Hyde Park

Hello, how are you today?

I have a precious day off work at home after thinking I was staying in London last night and then not. Sometimes it’s so nice to just spend a day pottering around the flat, though then I feel guilty if I’m not doing housework!

So yesterday we had tickets to go and see Arcade Fire at Hyde Park, and they were incredible!! Honestly the amount of energy and presence they had was amazing. If you ever get the chance to go and see them I highly recommend it. They even had 4 special guest bands playing, so it was like being back at Glastonbury all over again.

Owen Pallett with his amazing voice and violin skills was almost hauntingly beautiful, and you should definitely check out the video for Lewis Takes Off His Shirt on his website. The Vaccines with all their songs being less than 2.5 minutes were short but sweet. I haven’t heard much of Beirut‘s music, so it’s always a little hard to get fully into it when you’re seeing them live, but I really enjoyed it and have added their album to my Amazon wishlist!

Quite honestly I wish I could have the babies of Mumford & Sons so as per usual (I think I’ve seen them 5 times now!) I thought they were amazing. Their lyrics mixed with the lively folky music and the fact that they always get so emotional about their fans support makes me love them a little more than is normal. Might have some explaining to do to Gary when/if he reads this post! To be fair to me though I never get famous-crushes so I’m allowed one surely??

Eatin' me some floss

Elise x

P.S. Vegan options = rubbish!!