Old mother hubbard…


How are you? I’ve been working a lot this past week and all the busyness seems to have made me far less interested in food than normal, very weird! I’ve been eating lots of plain but delicious meals like the quinoa bowls I posted about here. And much more boring things like cereal and toast, things I never normally eat. I think my body is craving plain and grounding foods. Anyway here is something I threw together one evening when I was feeling a little more hungry but had nothing to eat!!

Well I say I had nothing to eat (have you seen my vegan cupboard?!) but I did dig out some veg from the farmers market, some ready cooked polenta and some sundried tomato sauce from the cupboard. Oh and a seitan steak from the freezer. Maybe not so much of a poor underfed vegan then!

Firstly I gave the seitan the crispy tofu treatment and left it baking in the oven while I made everything else. The polenta just needs slicing and frying in a small amount of oil (or lots if you’re not bothered about that sort of thing!) which I left til last, but I thought I’d mention it first because it’s easiest!

With the chard I roughly chopped the stems into 5cm long pieces and then cut the leaves into strips. Then I heated up some olive oil, added a couple of sliced garlic cloves and allowed it to sizzle until it smelt strongly of garlic. At which point I threw in the chard stems and allowed them to cook for 2 minutes or so before adding the leaves and allowing them to wilt.

Isn’t the amazing colour of chard so beautiful?? Gary sometimes helps out at a garden/allotment where adults with learning difficulties help with the gardening and brings home huge bunches of chard all with different coloured stems, talk about eating the rainbow!

I sliced the courgette and then cut the coins into quarters before frying them up, adding the sauce when they were cooked and a little extra seasoning (I know those sauces are full of salt and sugar but they never taste seasoned enough to me). Then I poured it over the cooked polenta, added the chard, grabbed the seitan out the oven and voila a pretty quick but delicious meal out of not very much. perfect!

Hopefully I’ll be posting much more soon (now the weekend is here!)

Elise x

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  1. I think its wonderful when you can throw a meal together with whats already in your fridge and freezer. And sometimes, its not that bad at all. I have to say this does look good to me.

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