Mango & Parsley Smoothie

Hello, how are you today?

As I may have mentioned yesterday I’ve spent the past week(ish) at Glastonbury, and it was awesome. But despite eating somewhat healthily, well as healthy as ‘healthy’ burgers can be, I need fruit and phytochemicals. So I blended up this yummy creature.

Can you see how excited I am by my jug?? I’s made from an old milk bottle that’s been reshaped to make it more useful :) I wonder if the company who made it paid dairycrest? I hope not.

Anyway this smoothie was just what I needed, plenty of fruit, protein in the soy, omega 3’s and phytochemicals from the parsley. Really delicious and quite healthy too.

Mango & Parsley Smoothie
1 cup mango, chopped (I used frozen because I had it and it made the smoothie nice and cold)
1/4 pot vanilla soy yoghurt
1 cup soy milk (I use Alpro unsweetened + vitamins)
1 large handful parsley, chopped
Squeeze brown rice syrup (to taste)
2 tbsp omega-4 seed mix

Put all the ingredients into a blender and pulse until you reach required consistency. I like mine really smooth, but Gary prefers it slightly chunky.


You could definitely use other herbs/fruit in this recipe. I just used what was on hand and running out of time before it went gooey and had to go in the bin!

So what foods do you like to eat when you’ve overindulged on junk??

Elise x

Vegan Glastonbury!

Hello, how are you?

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but I have a very good reason, it was Glastonbury 2011! Whoop! We went last year as well but this time I had the challenge of being vegan too, not that it was that hard, Glastonbury being quite a hippy festival well caters for veganism.

The music was amazing, I think my highlights were the fleet foxes, secret sisters (amazing harmonies and country music!), the chemical brothers, Beyoncé, stornoway and the fisherman’s friends. But this is a food blog so I’d better talk about the food :)

This stall was my favourite! Almost everything they sold was vegan, the bread was all wholemeal and they put loads of salad onto everything. The salad was delicious, really fresh and with 12 ingredients you couldn’t get bored with it. I must admit I got a little obsessed! So obsessed in fact that I ate there 3 times which is quite a lot considering the variety there was.

Organic Tofu Burger

  • Organic Tofu Burger – stuffed full of whole grains and nuts this was one hefty burger, very filling and probably very healthy *cough*
  • Veggie Burger – I think this was a realeat burger, but whatever it was it was really moist and succulent with a huge amount of flavour, do I wish I’d eaten it twice, erm, yes!
  • Falafel – I have a confession, I don’t really like falafel, which I’m sure some people think is almost offensive. Did this falafel help me change my mind, honestly no, but the salad and vegan garlic mayo I drowned it in were gooood!

Smoked Hoisin Tofu Wrap

Regardless of what the sign says there wasn’t a choice in the tofu, it was smoked and covered in hoisin sauce, this was not a bad thing! The tofu was delicious, really firm, perfectly smoked and had a lovely sweetness from the sauce. The salad that came in the wrap was ok, standard iceberg fare, and the wrap? Well actually it wasn’t great, actually quite salty but I don’t like to moan. They’d run our of the citrusy vegan mayo when I got there but my friend Jess (who had it with the halloumi) said it was amazing. So all round happy vegan, I think I judged the salad harshly after the wonders of goodness gracious healthy foods!

Spiced Apple Cupcake

What’s the best thing to have at a festival when it’s cold and keeps raining? Black coffee and an apple cupcake (actually I think it was more of a muffin). This goes to show that you should never be a timid vegan or you may miss out on yummy food! Gary asked this stall if they did anything vegan, seeing as there was no advertising, and came back with this delightful morsel. Yum.

So this is probably not going to win a best looking food competition but it was really really good. Spicy chilli with Cajun fries all topped off with guacamole. It was meant to be topped with sour cream and cheese but they had no problems substituting for me :) Delicious and really filling.

Opposite problem here, I didn’t take a picture of the actual food! But I can tell you that breakfast here was probably my vegan highlight. The owner was so friendly it was bordering on scary! He seriously went out of his way to help me, even getting his wife to look at their personal margarine to see if it was vegan. Anyway here I had vegan fritters (mushroom & onion flavour), grilled vine tomatoes, baked beans and fresh bread from a local bakery. They were really good, especially as we were sitting in the rain surrounded by a sea of mud!

Vegan food is probably healthier than your average festival food, but there is still only so much bread and burgers I can take! So where did I turn? A handy little juice bar, shaped as a pineapple.

Was it the most amount of money I’ve ever spent on juice? Without a doubt yes (£4.80 for some carrots and oranges??!!), but it was worth it. I chose the ‘lifesaver’ which consisted of carrots, orange, apple and ginger. It was delicious. Gary had the immune booster which was also really good.

Even after all this food I still didn’t exhaust the vegan options! I spotted this, a stall selling just fry’s vegetarian goods (fatgayvegan talks about Fry’s here) but I didn’t get a chance to visit.

And there was at least one other veggie stall serving vegan food that we went to last year but didn’t this year.

So to conclude this ridiculously long post, eating vegan at Glastonbury is not only possible, it’s incredibly easy and very delicious! Take note Hop Farm whose only vegetarian option last year was chips, tsk!

So how about you? Been to any events where you’ve been pleasantly surprised by the food options?

Happy eating, Elise x

Earl Grey Biscuits

Hello, how are you today?

My sister has just finished her first year university exams…yey go J!! And like most first years, she believes she has failed. Obviously this is not true, especially knowing how clever and hard working J is. So in order to cheer her up, and celebrate with her even though I couldn’t be with her, I made cookies!

More specifically earl grey cookies! She is a big fan of the citrusy tea, and being British who wouldn’t like tea flavoured biscuits?? Especially dunked into a steaming mug of tea :)

The recipe comes from panda with cookie‘s blog and can be found here.

I think I overbaked mine a little bit, whoops. So they came out a little too crunchy for my liking so be warned! However after a day out on the side in my kitchen, they softened up a bit and were much better. The flavour I would rate top 10, which is my way of saying pretty damn good, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like earl grey. J has described them as very moorish, and they post well!

As I can never leave a recipe how it is I used:

  • 4 teabags
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, replacing 1/4 cup of the margarine
  • 1 tsp orange rind (I didn’t have any lemon)

But you may wish to do the recipe properly and then fiddle with it afterwards if you so wish, then you probably wouldn’t overbake like I did!

This is the tea I used but I probably should have used fresher tea. Seeing as I don’t like it, this box has been sitting in our cupboard for quite a while *hangs head in shame*.

Wrapped and ready for overnight chilling, very important step seeing as you’re going to be slicing these babies. Though I guess you could probably roll out the dough and stamp it?

Anyway, stop reading blogs and go bake these cookies!

Elise x

Fruity Barley Porridge

Hello, how are you today?

I’m good and finally I have got around to writing the last post on the barley, I bet you’re excited! So here it is, sweet breakfast porridge barley style!

I guess in some ways this porridge should actually be called ‘leftover porridge’ because that’s what it mostly composed of! Honestly more delicious than it sounds!

Fruity Barley Porridge
1/3 portion of cooked barley (how-to is here)
2tbsp soy milk (I used alpro unsweetened + vitamins)
1 stick rhubarb
2tsp vegan margarine
1 cup frozen mixed berries
2tsp sugar
3tbsp vanilla soy yoghurt (I’m sure plain would work just as well but you may need to adjust the amount of sweetener you use)
2tsp sugar (optional)

Put the cooked barley and soy milk into a blender bowl and blend for a few seconds/minutes. Unlike the savoury porridge I wanted this a little creamier so I blended for longer. More information here. Put onto the heat in a small pan and warm through.

In a small frying pan melt the vegan margarine. Once melted add the rhubarb and cook until soft and almost translucent. Add the berries, sugar and a good glug of water. Allow to heat at a medium temperature so the juice released can reduce.

When the fruit compote is at the desired consistency, stir in the yoghurt to the barley mixture and allow to warm through but do not allow to boil. This will make the mixture much creamier, more like real porridge. Taste and adjust sweetness level.

When the porridge is warmed through, pour into a bowl and top with the fruit compote. Enjoy.

Do frozen berries remind anyone else of snow and therefore Christmas?! I know it’s waaay to early, but working in a coffee shop I’m already thinking of all the baking and parties to come!

This is how I actually ate mine…all smodged together, yum!

How do you use up your leftovers?

Elise x